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Foldable Electric Adult Scooter Daily Commute 500w 10.4Ah 48v with Seat

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Brand New Electric Scooter 500W 48V 10.4Ah

Enough power to bring you joy, riding around your neighbourhood or commute to your work place. Features a complimentary seat, making your ride nice and easy.

This single rear wheel drive DC brushless motor allows you to climb hill up to 30 degree incline, with maximum traveling speed of  50km/h it will get you home quick. Light strip along the sides and indicator for left and ride with front light and rear brake light.

Maximum travelling distance of 50km per charge, definitely enough for you to go a few trips from point A to point B before needing to take it in for charging for your next trip.

Weight in at 22kg allowing passenger up to 150kg, enough to carry a full grown adult around town!

Black and White Available, Please Let us know which model colour you'd like to order.

Please use your home and work place as the delivery address, as Parcel Locker or PO box will not fit something this large.

*The travel distance of full charge was tested with 60kg load, constant 15km/h speed, without any slopes or wind resistance/ assist.