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Foldable Scooter big Wheels Lightweight With Brakes Suspension

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Foldable Adult Scooter with Rear Brakes

Foldable Scooter for everyday commuters, features a pair of large wheels so you don't have to keep pushing every second. Built in suspension making the ride smoother and safer. Rear wheel has brake installed, when you every feel like in danger or riding down hill you know you can rely on them to stop on a dim. Features kick stand, so when you make your quick stop, you don't have to find a place to lean on. 

Material: Aluminium

Color: White or Black

Handles Grip: Rubber

Handle Bar Height: 89 - 104cm

Scooter Dimension: 96cm x 37cm x 89-104cm

Wheel Dimension: 200mm x 2

Suitable User Height : 1.45m- 1.95m

Weight Capacity: 100kg

Scooter weight: 5.6 kg

Package includes:


-Kick Stand