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Wheel Slip On Spacer 5mm 5x114.3 56.1/60.1/64.1/66.1/67.1 mm - 73.1 mm Hub Centric Lip

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Caold Technology wheel slip on spacer:

Per 1 qty order is 1 pair, 2 pcs.

PCD - 5x114.3

CB - 56.1 / 60.1 / 64.1 / 66.1 / 67.1  mm (Car) - 73.1 mm (Wheel)

If you are ordering spacers with hub centric lip. Just be mindful that if your car's centerbore is protruding equal or more than the spacer thickness, it won't sit flat onto your hub. For example if you are ordering 10mm w/ lip, then your centerbore must be protruding less than 9mm.

Stud hole size - 15mm diameter

Outer Diameter- 150 mm

If you have special request or different specs you'd like to persue, please contact us via email, or text our phone number 0423 499 258