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Scoot A Long Nanotron Hustle Electric Scooter 500W 21Ah 48v (Free Shipping)

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Scoot-A-Long NanoTron Hustle — Live Future.

The NanoTron Hustle comes with a 48V 500W motor and it is also fuelled by a 21.6Ah Lithium Battery (Certified with EC/FCC/RoHS) that can run up to a range of 70-85km per Full Charge!

All of our E-Scooter models come with a complimentary charging adapter certified by SPRING Singapore. Your safety is our utmost priority; We refuse to compromise our customer's safety, hence, we took your safety one step further by ensuring that all our charging adapters are certified safe for your usage.

Exclusive features of the NanoTron Hustle includes:

1. 10" 4 Ply CST On-Road Tires (4 Ply: Prevents inner tubes from puncturing as it is much thicker than normal tires).

2. Front & Rear Mechanical Disc Brakes

3. Anti-theft and alarm system

4. Wide deck for maximum comfort and stability

5. Dual Suspension

6. Red, Green and Blue LED Lights along the bottom of the deck for safety and night visibility; Front LED Light (White) and Rear Brake LED Light (Turns Red when you brake)

7. High-Strength Aviation Aluminium-Iron Alloy Frame

8. Certified 21.6Ah Lithium Battery (EC, FCC & RoHS)

9. Can be folded in less than 5 seconds!

10. Anti-Slip Scooter Deck

11. Front and Rear Mud Guard

12. High Performance Brushless Motor

13. Comes with a USB charging port for you to charge your phone when you're out scooting!

14. Ending off, every of our E-Scooters come with the most amazing set of keys, just like owning your own car. But in this case, you own a Personal Mobility Device.

15. All electronics cannot be fully submerged in water or else it will be damaged. But it is splash proof, meaning if there is light rain or puddles on the ground, it is okay for the scooter. But always remember to wipe down after it is wet and do not charge immediately after use.

16. A padded seat is coming with this scooter, making it effortless for your long distance commute.

Apt for off-road or on-road riding: An improved performance and a smoother ride experience.

With the 10" 4 Ply CST On-Road Tires (4 Ply: Prevents inner tubes from puncturing as it is much thicker than normal tires) and an enhanced spring shock-absorber, you would be promised an improved and even smoother ride than ever before! Now, travelling on bumpy or uneven surfaces would not be a problem anymore.

Reliable braking in all types of weather and terrain.

Equipped with front and rear mechanical disc brakes, the MicroTron Ultra will not disappoint you. These disc brakes generate amazing stopping power even in the worst conditions and also provide powerful and reliable braking in all types of weather and terrain, so they're definitely ideal for trail riding (off-road). Unlike rim brakes, discs aren't compromised should you hit a hole or land hard and bend your wheel.

Rest assured, as we will protect you from being a victim of theft.

All of our models come with an in-built anti-theft and alarm system, that will sound after being touched, alarming you of any unwanted movement of your E-Scooter. 

Built for Stability and Comfort.

With a wider deck, your ride would be more stable and comfortable! Now with this design, you will be able to stand with stability even on the roughest roads.

Enhanced and Improved Front and Rear Suspension.

The MicroTron Ultra is equipped with both front and rear dual suspension, making your ride much smoother and safer. Riding over bumps wouldn't be an issue anymore! 

The Best or Nothing.

Here at Scoot-A-Long, we only use the best quality of Aluminium-Iron Alloy to build our E-Scooters. Unlike many other E-Scooters which are made of lower quality alloys for their full frame, we do the complete opposite. We want to ensure that our E-Scooters are strong and sturdy even as it ages; to us, durability is key.

Charge with Assurance.

All our Lithium Battery Packs are EC, FCC and RoHS certified. Now, you can charge your E-Scooter at home with ease. However, with this being said, do not leave your E-Scooter charging without supervision. Don't fret! We also provide complimentary charging adaptors for every E-Scooter purchased: All our charging adaptors are approved by SPRING Singapore with a safety mark. Rest assured with us!

Portability at its Peak.

When you're out riding, you don't have to worry about travelling through narrow spaces. All our E-Scooters can be folded in less than 5 seconds simply by folding the handle-bars and stem down! This would also mean that if you're not going to use your E-Scooter for a period of time, you can store it easily as it is foldable! As easy as 1, 2, 3! 

Slip No More!

Now with the anti-slip E-Scooter deck, you don't have to worry about slipping off anymore.

Keys to Your Heart.

Here at Scoot-A-Long, all of our E-Scooter models come with a set of keys to lock and to unlock. Simply bring these keys with you after you park your E-Scooter. *Do note that you are advised to purchase the bicycle lock from us as a safety precaution in the event of theft.


Motor 48V/500W (Single Motor)
Battery Capacity (Range) 21.6Ah Lithium Battery (70-85km per Full Charge)
Range per Full Charge 70-85km*
Maximum Speed 50km/h
Suspension Dual Suspension
Lights Front Light (White) & Rear Brake Light (Red)
Tires 10" Pneumatic On-Road Tires
Charging Time 10-12 hours per Full Charge
Braking System Front & Rear Mechanical Disc Brake
Net Weight 24kg
Maximum Load 150kg
Frame Material Aluminium Iron Alloy Full Frame
Warranty 3 Months Limited Warranty (Additional Warranty can be added)
Gradability 30-35 Degrees

*Maximum range varies according to usage, rider's weight, average speed and gradability.

NB: Due to safety regulations, this item can only be shipped domestically within Australia