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Recovery Tracks Escape Board 10T Sand Mud Snow Grass 4WD Accessory 1 Pair Orange

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Material: Reinforced nylon

Dimensions: 106 cm x 31cm x 6cm

Weight: 7kg

Weight Capacity: 10T


Recovering a stuck vehicle can be a risky endeavour. Ensure the safety of yourself and those around you when attempting a recovery. Use protective items (goggles, gloves etc.) as required and beware of debris and other material when clearing out the area around the vehicle. 

How to use:

1. Use a shovel to get under the tyres and dig a track for all the tyres to ensure there is sufficient room to get out

2. Reduce air pressure to a minimum you find comfortable (It is recommended you carry an air compressor in off-road and remote areas)

3. Position the track so the tyres will grab the cleat to be pulled underneath. Do NOT spin the tyres as this will burn the cleats!

4. Keep a steady throttle until you the feel the vehicle lift and increase the throttle until free and have sufficient traction to escape