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Bicycle Helmet Visor Sleek Hole Breathable Cool Adult Large Scooter Skateboard

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Lightweight integrally-molded bicycle helmet,Made of EPS, high density, durable and comfortable.

Unique 18-hole design not only sleek, stylish, and the hole design is very reasonable, reduce resistance, comfortable breathable, easy to wear.

Brim design, can effectively prevent foreign bodies flying into the eyes of the rider, while playing a certain shade effect. Stay safe while cycling with the bike helmet.

With removable, protective, sweat absorption lining pad, comfortable to wear and easy to wash.

Adjustable strap as well as adjuster within to adjust the size of head circumference.

Gender: Men, Women, Teenager


  • Size: 56-62cm
  • Weight: ~ 220g
  • Color: Carbon black
  • Outside material : PC.
  • Inside material : EPS+PU foam,nylon adjust belt

Storage advice: Do not stored in damp environment, near where the heat source or directly in light, helmet for dry processing, suggest using canvas package for storage.

Package Contents:
1x Bicycle Helmet