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360° Angle Adjustable Mobile Phone Bicycle Holder Universal Bike Mount

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This phone mount is made with light weight aluminium for maximum durability whilst holding onto your phone when you are out riding your bicycle. Adjustable knob will keep your phone secure and the claw can hold phones from 55mm to 100mm wide. This design allows your phone to be held vertically or horizontally and is 360° rotation angle adjustable. This item also comes with a 1 year warranty.

Handlebar diameter compatibly range: 22-31mm


1. 360° rotation angle adjustable
2. Easy installation and disassembly
3. Can be installed on motorcycles, bicycles, scooter, etc.
4. Anodised black colour

Package Includes:

1x Phone bracket and handle bar clamp with detachable hex head screw

1x Allen wrench

2x Handle bar adapters

1x Piece of double coated tissue paper

1x Installation instructions