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6x139.7, CB 93.1 to 6x132 spacer adapters

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Caold Technology wheel spacer adapters:

Per 1 qty order is 1 pair, 2 pcs.

Car PCD - 6x139.7
Wheel PCD - 6x132

Car CB - 93.1 mm
If your car center bore is a different size please contact us first.
Wheel CB - 74.5 / 78.1 mm or custom size
If 'Custom size' is your option, please provide the size in the 'Special Instruction for Seller' section.

Stud size - M12x1.25/ M12x1.5/ M14x1.5/ 1/2-20 UNF/ 7/16-20
*Please let us know in the section 'Special Instruction for Seller' when you checkout.*

Outer Diameter- 175 mm

Hub centric lip height - 8 mm

For 15mm spacer 10mm open ended nuts will be provided.
For 20mm or thicker spacer 16mm open ended nuts will be provided.

Disclaimer* if you car uses lug bolts, this is very important!!!
We recommend using 20mm thick, since your car is using lug bolts, that means you may need spacer bolts to secure the spacer onto your hub.
The spacer bolts we have (sold separately) hex head is a little bit taller than the spacer for 15mm ref to attachment.
It will be flush if the spacer is 20mm plus. ref to attachment.
some cases where the wheels have gap in between the stud holes, hex head can perfectly sit in there, but only some cases works.


If you have special request or different specs you'd like to pursue, please contact us via email, or call our number 03 9560 1660 (weekdays 9.30am to 4.30pm or text our phone number 0423 499 258.