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Electric Scooter Hover Board Rover Self Balancing Skateboard 6.5" Hoverboard 700W

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Electric Self Balancing Hoverboard Scooter

This self balancing scooter have gyroscopes and acceleration sensors to control balance, therefore as soon as you turn it on, scooter will automatically balance it self with its servo control system to drive its motors on each end. It is installed with very high quality battery and motor, to allow the user use with confidence and safe during the operation. Fender light strip on the side of the hoverboard and lights up the front, making it very visible during night time, so less likely to get into car accidents(only apply to some models). Battery and running display right in the center of the unit, so when you look down directly you can see its battery status.

There is Bluetooth Speaker build into the scooter, therefore if you want to cruising down the street with some music, you can connect to the speaker via your mobile devices.

Package Includes

- Self Balancing Scooter x1
- AU Plug Power Supply x1
- Instruction Manual x1
- 3 months warranty